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Art Meister

Art Meister

As your sales trainer, Art Meister helps companies build their sales and marketing strategy to drive revenue, profitability and market share. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Southern Illinois University and has completed MBA Coursework at California State University. He has been a member of the “Million Dollar Round Table,” named District Manager of the Year and Regional Manager of the Year.  During his twenty-five year career, he has been on the factory floor of nearly every type of industry in America.

Art’s expertise as a sales trainer is helping executives achieve their own corporate initiatives through sales strategy consulting services and development of their sales teams. At Frost & Sullivan, Art was an integral part of all facets of the corporate sales management process. His responsibilities included strategic planning, growth consulting, sales training, coaching and recruiting. He is regarded as “a pioneer of change” by the Chairman of Frost & Sullivan, David Frigstad.


Define Market Opportunities
Select Target markets
Determine Target Accounts
Define Strengths and Weaknesses of Sales Team
Determine Vulnerability of Competition
Identify Training Needs
Establish Best Practices
Develop Account Sales Strategy
Establish Key Performance Indicators


We help you ensure your strategy is successful by working with your team in the execution phase. No more “I’ve done the training so good luck.”  If we are going to be successful together we must commit to working side by side to fulfill the objectives of the plan.  Executing a strategy around a framework that is designed for your business will further increase the success rate of your sales team and drive top line growth.

It’s been said that:

65% of the people don’t know what’s happening
20% watch what’s happening
10% wonder what’s happening
And 5% Make It Happen!
We help you execute and perform in the Top 5%